Why Jajingle

You Have 2 Untapped Hidden Revenue Opportunities

Many business owners have a tremendous, revenue opportunities right under their noses to upsell their current customers. Sadly, many customers will never know about all the value you offer.


Because your sales and customer service staff are busy with transactional activities, handling cash and credit card exchanges and answering questions.

Building Your Email List Leads To Future Customers

By offering a Monthly Draw, you have an opportunity to add prospects to your marketing database – prospects that you can turn into paying customers.

The Key To Generating More Revenue

Finding an inexpensive and simple way to make sure your existing customers have an easy way to learn about all the products and services you offer.

Jajingle can help you connect with today’s modern customer.

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Legal | Contact Support @ 1-844-JAJINGLE

Legal | Contact Support @ 1-844-JAJINGLE

© Jajingle 2014