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About Jajingle

Jajingle was created in 2013 to help business owners that cater to consumers present additional products and services to customers and prospects – via their Smartphones.

By introducing business owners to innovative marketing approaches and strategies that focus on delivering enhanced customer value, we are confident we can provide them with a means of generating incremental revenue .

Jajingle Principal

Andy Babiak

As a serial entrepreneur, Andy has an extensive track record of taking ideas and turning them into successful ventures that always have one thing in common – everyone involved wins – especially the customer.

His philosophy of putting his customers’ needs and wants first has allowed him to build a successful automotive window film cutting business that today serves hundreds of tint professionals worldwide who are enjoying the benefits of his breakthrough Tint Tek 20/20 film cutting software program – the original computerized software cutting system that has transformed the industry at www.tinttek.com

Never one to rest on past successes, Andy is applying his Tint Tek 20/20 techniques and knowledge to another program that leverages the power of state-of-the-art internet technology to create another industry first in the golf marketing environment.

Operating under Andy’s leadership, Jajingle is a mobile-friendly interactive upsell program designed to help business owners make their customers more aware of additional products and services they can benefit from.

The program combines a professionally-designed branding opportunity and an interactive online component that creates a chance to upsell and retain customers – and generate an advertiser income stream at the same time.

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Legal | Contact Support @ 1-844-JAJINGLE

Legal | Contact Support @ 1-844-JAJINGLE

© Jajingle 2014